Ferrero Rocher vs Passion

A box of Ferrero Rocher and a box of PassionI am a chocolate lover and Ferrero Rocher has always been one of my favorites. While at a supermarket, I spotted a different brand (Passion) with the same packaging. What a surprise. The packaging just seems so similar (click on picture for a larger view).

Nevertheless, I grabbed a box of each in order to try out the differences. Even the cashier did not realize that these were two different brands. As a result, I was being overcharged. Oh well, the price difference is small enough to let the matter rest.

After a short munching session, I have come to the conclusion that Rocher is both richer and crunchier in taste as compared to Passion. Personally, I felt that this is because the main ingredient for Rocher is hazelnut while that of Passion is peanut. Ok, got to resume my munching session now. Just can't resist the temptation!

Image: Spluch
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Veron said…
I first saw the Passion chocolate some time last year and thought it's a blatant rip-off of the Ferrero Rocher. The packaging looks almost exactly the same. It's obvious the makers were trying to pull customers away from Ferrero simply by fooling customers using identical products, like how the cashier was.

At that time, there's the trend of China companies riding on the fame of popular brands such as Starbucks to make their sales, hoping that people would be fooled into thinking they are somewhat related to these big names. For example, there was a chain of cafes in China that bears the same Starbucks logo but with Chinese characters. The two companies are not affiliated in any way.

In my opinion it's an extremely unethical practice to get sales this way.
Spluch said…
You are absolutely right. Passion is a made in China product.
Gena said…
I've tried both too and I have to agree that Ferrero Rocher tastes much better that the Passion ones.

In reference to what Veron said about the starbucks incident, I think starbucks did sue the other company right? Maybe Ferrero should do the same.
RMR said…
My hubby loves Rocher. I don't think he would even try the other one!!
Spluch said…
I guess it is all up to Ferrero Rocher; let's see what happens.
Veron said…
Yeah Starbucks sued the other Chinese cafe, but I think they only got a measly compensation. The Chinese cafe called itself "Xing Ba Ke", a blatantly direct translation of "Starbucks"! Disgusting!

I hope Ferrero Rocher sues the pants off Passion (I'm a fervent rocher fan). Damn, I think I should just drop them a mail!
Aidle said…
Ferrero Rocher chocolate taste and more chrunchy but Passion doesn't taste like chocolate even the smell yaks!