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Bahrain World Trade Center

Bahrain World Trade CenterThe Bahrain World Trade Center (BWTC) is a 50-storey sail shaped twin office towers which reaches to a height of 240m (787ft). The most unique point about this green building lies in its 3 huge wind turbines.

The three wind turbines measure about 95ft (29m) in diameter and are supported by bridges connecting the BWTC's two towers. The turbines are positioned and designed so that the Gulf wind is funneled into the turbines.

The turbines are expected to deliver between 11 and 15 percent of the energy needs for both BWTC towers, between 1,100 and 1,300 megawatt hours per year. The use of the clean electricity is expected to prevent about 55,000 cubic kgC of carbon annually from being emitted into the air.

The construction of the building is almost complete and is set to launch soon.

Bahrain World Trade Center
Source: UPI & Designbuild-Network
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