Clever toilet design

ToiletThis is one clever toilet design found in Japan.

When you flush the toilet, the cistern refills by pumping the water through the tap on top of the toilet, so you can wash your hands as it refills. At first this confused my logic, making me think it was a bit unhygenic. But as the water being pumped through the tap is clean, and the water from your hands going back into the cistern will be flushed away again, it makes complete sense.

Link & Image: Travelhappy
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Valerie said…
It is kinda interesting. And one's hands are not touching faucet handles as would happen with a regular sink. I'm guessing those are not all that germ free.
Chris said…
Hi Spluch

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Spluch said…
Hi Chris, we've updated the link as requested.

Thanks for the update!
Chris said…
cool beans - thanks for doing that!