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Lightning Reaction Xtreme Shocking Game

Lightning Reaction Xtreme Shocking Game
Lightning Reaction Xtreme Shocking Game
Get a "shocking" experience by playing the Lightning Reaction Xtreme Shocking Game, whereby the fastest finger will be spared from the shock!
This time its serious... only the fastest finger is safe. Lightning Reaction Instructions: Select 2-4 players. Press the button to start. When the sound stops and the trigger light goes from red to green, the LAST to press the trigger switch gets a shock! But be warned, if you press too soon! For extreme fun, why not switch over to LIGHTNING REACTION EXTREME - this time, the FASTEST to press the trigger switch will NOT get a shock - but every one else will!

Thanks, Raluca !

Link & Image: Amazon via PCNews
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This game is tons of fun- you can buy it at Spencer's in the mall.

I've been wanting to get one of these.. but it seems that I can't get enough people to join in the game.

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