Luxury Sleeping Pod

TransportAlberto Frias came up with the Transport which he described as a “perceptual pod”. This egg-shaped fiberglass vessel is outfitted with satellite speakers placed on either end of the cushion and the user is surrounded by flickering bright lights synchronized to music. It also comes with a waterbed and cushion. This pod looks stylish enough but I am not sure how comfortable it really is. But one thing is for certain, you do need to have a really deep pocket as its base price starts at $10,000 and more, depending on the amount of lights fitted.

Link & Image: Albertofrias & New York Times via Bornrich
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Valerie said…
Waterbed? They still sell those? No thanks. The lights and music are neat though,
Spluch said…
Well, one thing is for sure... it's designed for the rich in mind