Phantom-like Optical Illusion

Hybrid ImagesTake a good look - what do you see? Close up it is clearly a faintly phantom-like image of Albert Einstein. Now step back 5 meters from the screen and take another look. Notice anything different?

It's not just a crafty illusion. This sort of image is being used as a tool to understand better how our brains process visual scenes. On the practical side, some companies are interested in using them to conceal information from unintended observers - or to create printed advertising that morphs before your eyes!

Link & Image: New Scientist
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Anita said…
This is great hybrid illusion that you found! I tried to create a couple of these back in November (see Baby turns into Einstein, but I don't think I used the right filters. I've been working to create a better one with tutorial ever since, getting closer I think.
Spluch said…
We'll be waiting for your perfect hybrid illusion!