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Tooth carvings prove to be fairy popular

Tooth carvingsHere's one good reason why you should keep your wisdom tooth, turn them into works of art. That's exactly what Cordelia Cembrowicz does.

Cordelia Cembrowicz's sculptures represent the pain and relief of losing a tooth and came about when she felt unable to throw away her teeth after a visit to the dentist.

Miss Cembrowicz, 23, from Bristol, said: "When I held [my teeth] I realised what a powerful material they were and decided to work with them - and the first thing that sprang to mind was the Tooth Fairy. She symbolised both sanctuary and reward, arriving as a blessing after a period of pain."

Using a specially adapted drill and a rotary cutter, she spends up to 20 hours sculpting each tooth.

Miss Cembrowicz studied art at Central St Martin's in London and has exhibited at the Artonomy Gallery in Truro. Her work is currently on show in Gstaad, Switzerland, where she has her first solo exhibition.

Image Gallery: Telegraph
Source: Telegraph via Arbroath
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