Weird and wacky handbags for the manly man

American Inventor Sport has collected a list of some weird and wacky handbags for the manly man. Here’s one – Toad Purse.

Toad Purse
If you have to carry a purse around, a good option to help a man maintain his dignity would be something ugly and slimy. And I think to myself, what's more guy that an ugly toad. If you are seen holding this little toad purse around, it's sure to get a grin of appreciation from the other guys and perhaps a disgusted squeal from a lady or two. Plus, if you get really bored, you could walk around asking women to kiss your frog and try to turn it into a prince.

Thanks, Michelle Blu !

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Link & Image: American Inventor Sport


Valerie said…
Following the link @ american inventor I found this very neato-cool football purse!