Mummified remains of a fairy?

Mummified Fairy
I'm not an anthropologists or forensic expert, but this does seem to be an urban legend to me.
What appears to be the mummified remains of a fairy have been discovered in the Derbyshire countryside… The remains were discovered by a local man, who wishes to remain anonymous, while walking his dog along an old Roman road situated between the villages of Duffield and Belper…

The remains, complete with wings, skin, teeth and flowing red hair have been examined by anthropologists and forensic experts who can confirm that the body is genuine.

Link & Image: Presurfer via Neatorama
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Louise said…
is it April Fools Day yet?
Anonymous said…
The "wings" are pretty obviously decayed leaves. Nice construction, though. I wonder what the mummy body is made out of?
Andi said…
Looks like the fairy in Pan's labyrinth!