Is this the world's most polluted river?

A man searches through the debris on what appears to be a massive rubbish heap...until you realise he is sitting on a small rowing boat.

He is actually floating on what must be one of the world's most polluted rivers in Indonesia. And his mind-boggling task is to collect plastic for recycling.

The river Citarum in the West Java province is full of rotting rubbish and pollution spewed out from 500 industries and the homes of five million people.

The waterway is the main source for drinking water for cities such as Jakarta. It also supplies power to three dams - essential for the region's electricity as well as Indonesia's largest paddy field.

Experts are concerned the fetid water may soon start corroding the hydropower stations in the area.

A worrying study by the Jasa Tuta Public Corporation has estimated that pollution is set to double by 2025.

Clearly the river needs more than a few men and their boats to tackle this enviromental nightmare.

Link & Image: DailyMail
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