Dog Eats More than $800 in Cash

Pepper AnnPepper Ann, the eight-year-old Lab-German shorthair mix, has a tendency to swallow anything that fits in her mouth.

Recently, Pepper Ann and her sibling Zach were at Grandma's house, while her owner Debbie Hulleman and her husband were on vacation. Grandma had a friend over, who left a purse on the ground despite instructions not to leave anything in Pepper Ann's reach.

When the two women woke up, the dog had dug into the purse, and devoured more than $800 cash.

Some pieces were spread around the house — and some were left in the backyard, after Peppy swallowed the money and did her business.

"Pretty soon (I) came to a pile, that had a fifty dollar bill hanging out, part of a fifty, and I said 'gosh, look at that,'" Hulleman laughed. "There were lots of piles with money hanging out there, so I had to save it, rinse it, strain it."

The dog owner taped together the remnants she recovered, and swapped the mangled bills for more than $700 bucks worth of fresh currency at a local bank.

Hulleman is hanging on to half a one hundred dollar bill, in hopes she will recover the other portion. She is less optimistic that Pepper Ann will turn over a new leaf.

Link & Image: 11alive
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