Terrified Easyjet passengers feared they would die as plane plummeted 23,000ft

EmergencyTerrified passengers on a holiday jet thought they were about to die as it plummeted 23,000ft.

Amid fears of a terror attack, the 150 passengers and crew on an easyJet flight from Gatwick to Palma in Majorca frantically grabbed for oxygen masks.

In a manoeuvre designed to overcome a fall in cabin pressure, the jet continued to plunge until it reached 12,000ft and levelled off.

Minutes later the almost-full Airbus A319 made an emergency landing at Toulouse airport in France, where passengers received medical treatment.

Passenger Kate Mulvey from London said: "Everyone was screaming. It was absolutely terrifying.

"We thought we were going to die. It dropped from 35,000ft to 12,000ft in a very short time. People were very frightened. You could hardly breathe. Some fell over in the aisles. We were very lucky."

lan Royland, 40, a band leader from Chelsea said: "When the oxygen masks suddenly shot down I practically fainted. "I'd already had a fear that something was wrong.

"My girlfriend had heard a noise as if a drill wasn't connecting and a screw was loose coming from under the wing, and there was a strange smell of sweet tobacco. The plane suddenly shot down and my life flashed before my eyes."

Link & Image: This Is London
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