Rabbit-Shaped Tomato

Tomato shaped like a rabbit's headThree tomatoes that have grown into a shape resembling a rabbit’s head have emerged as a hit here after popping up in the garden of a local resident.

The tomato figure appeared in the home garden of a 75-year-old resident in Buzen, and soon became the talk of local residents.

The part resembling the face measures about 5 centimeters in diameter, and the ears are 3-4 centimeters long each. The 75-year-old resident harvested it at the end of July, and her daughter-in-law kept it in a refrigerator at her office.

Every day, local residents have taken photographs of the “rabbit tomato” and commented on how cute it looks. For now, it looks unlikely to end up on anyone’s dinner plate.

Source: Mainichi via JapanProbe
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