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London to Sydney - by Bus

Bus from London to SydneyA team of Australians have created the ultimate bus run from London to Sydney and the queue to get on board stretch into next year.

Yesterday, 39 adventurers paid $7,560 each for tickets on the maiden service which will pass through some of the most spectacular and inspiring stops such as the Himalayas, on a three-month trip.

Mark Creasey and Andrew Kelleher came up with the wacky idea of rekindling the hippie trail of 60s and 70s after both travelling extensively across Europe and finding there was more to travel than direct flights. The journey will take in four ferries - the only flight is between East Timor and Australia at the end.

Their company OzBus posted the bus run on the internet and such was the demand, tickets sold in less than two months.

The trip goes through Budapest, Gallipoli, Lahore, past Everest, through Asia then on to Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Source: Adelaide Now
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