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More links for 2 Oct 2007

An image gallery of aircrafts struck by birds. [Airline Empires]
This cat really knows how to get around. [LiveLeak]
A wasp building a home. [Cellar]
An Indian entrepreneur has given a new twist to the concept of low-cost airlines. The passengers boarding his Airbus 300 in Delhi do not expect to go anywhere because it never takes off. [Times Online]
A bakery in Britain made a gingerbread version of the Chinese Terracotta Army. [Yum Sugar]
Using CCTV for low-budget filmmaking. [Wmmna]

Huge stockpile of oxygen found deep inside Earth. [LiveScience]
WW1 hero's letters found after 90 years - and they make the war sound just lovely. [DailyMail]


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