Thai Chili Triggers Chemical Alert in London

ChiliA Thai chef cooked up fears of a chemical attack in London when fumes from his eye-wateringly hot chili sauce led to the emergency services being called out, the Times reported Wednesday.

Chalemchai Tangjariyapoon, who works at the Thai Cottage restaurant in the Soho entertainment district, was dry-frying bird's eye chilies as he prepared a huge batch of nam prik pao, an extra-hot dip served with prawn crackers.

The smoke from the kitchen drifted out in the street, creating an acrid cloud which sent shoppers spluttering for cover and prompted police to seal off several streets and evacuate homes and businesses.

A spokesman for London's Metropolitan Police confirmed the area had been closed off for several hours while they discovered the source of the smoke, while the ambulance service sent a hazardous area response team to the scene, the Times said.

Source: Afp