Woman Finds Beetle Larvae in Cigarettes

Cigarette Beetle larvaeA Big Chimney woman found a nasty surprise in her cigarettes. Lashanwa Keeling found Cigarette Beetle larvae in six of the ten packs of her USA Gold Lights. "When the bug fell out I was like, no this ain't good," says Keeling. "They're in the filters, in the tobacco, it's disgusting."

The gross factor isn't the only thing on Keeling's mind. She doesn't know how many of the bugs she has smoked, and if smoking them is dangerous.

Dr. Gately with the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department says Keeling shouldn't be in any danger. "I don't know of any diseases it causes," says Dr. Gately. "Obviously, its just sort of an unpleasant surprise."

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Source: Wchs
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