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'Sleep' an Hour and Wake up A Non-Smoker?

Hypnosis'Sleep' an hour and wake up a non-smoker? Can it really be that easy? A doctor and a couple of hypnotherapists say that it's true.

Omar Abdul Hamid had been puffing away for over 30 years and tried desperately to stop for the last 10. Nicotine patch, mints, nicotine gum; you name it, Dr Omar Abdul Hamid has tried it all.

Each Ramadan, he'd renew his efforts to stop smoking. Inevitably, he succumbed to the craving and started to smoke again.

But all that became history when he took up a friend's advice and tried hypnotherapy to stop smoking about two months ago.

“Seven to eight out of every 10 patients who have gone for this therapy session will stop smoking” said Sheila, the principal of the Malaysian branch of the London College of Clinical Hypnosis.

"The therapist first obtains information from the patient about his or her smoking pattern, then while hypnotised, employs (usually strong, direct) suggestions that he stop the habit."

Sheila describes the process as "bringing back the non-smoker that is within the patient" - the feelings and memories before the person first started smoking.

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