Woman 'Killed' By Lightning Tells Her Tale

A bolt of lightning directly hit Lara Eustermann - instantly burning her body and stopping her heart. She was, essentially, dead.

On October 1st, storm clouds rolled into Hidden Springs. "Out of nowhere, one bolt crack just got her - right on the top of her head," Lara’s husband John said.

For two weeks, the mother of 4 clinged to life in the intensive care unit. Then - a medical miracle.

Eustermann defied the odds. She doesn't remember the lightning strike - nor the week preceding it. She does remember waking up from her coma, two weeks later.

The electrical force left its mark from head to toe -- inside and out. Lara's legs are burned. Her head is healing from what's believed to be the exit wound, where the lightning left her body. Beyond the surface scars - there is deeper damage.

"I can move everything on my body, but I can't use it appropriately, so its mostly muscle weakness,” she said. “My nerves aren't sending the right messages to my muscles.'

Lara is technically a paraplegic. She has to retrain her muscles, nerves and brain to communicate again - an agonizingly slow and painful process.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Ktvb
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