500-Meter Long Pastry to Set New World Record

Longest PastryThe Hungarian Industrial Association of Dessert Chefs has created a 500 meter long pastry in Budapest on 16 Dec, 2007. They hope to set a new World Record for the longest dessert.

Two more pictures after the jump.

Longest Pastry
Longest Pastry
Source: China

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Anonymous said…
looks to me like a lot of 30cm long pastries put end to end... just like the giant donut they did the other week, which was just a stack of donuts in a ring... now if it was actually one long pastry, that would be impressive.
Spluch said…
If only Guinness World Record set new rules for such entries... then things might change. The record holding entries will probably not be as long as this but at least it is ‘genuine’.