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Sheep Sniffs Out Great Escape

A sneaky sheep is escaping from her pen by unbolting it with her tongue.

Farmer Chris Jones, 27, was baffled when Lottie and three other sheep got out every night. So he installed cctv — and was stunned to see Lottie sliding back the bolt and pushing the gate open with her nose.

Chris reckons two-year-old Lottie — a rare Llanwennog breed — learned by watching him open and shut the pen on Swansea Community Farm, South Wales.

He said: “I thought I was getting forgetful and leaving the gate open, but it kept happening, so I put in cctv.

“Lottie goes up to the gate and the others queue behind her waiting to go out. “They say sheep are stupid — but Lottie is an Einstein among sheep. “I’ve had to put a brick behind the gate to lock her in.”

Video: LiveLeak
Source: The Sun
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