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Woman Survives Coat Hanger Hook-Into-Eye Accident

To look at Geraldine Rivero now, one could never know that just three weeks ago a large metal hook was stuck in her head, only to be removed during a miraculous emergency procedure that not only saved her sight, but her life as well.

According to witnesses, Rivero was in a bathroom at a Thanksgiving party when she somehow sipped and fell into the door, where a coat hanger hook punctured her eye, pushing deep into her head.

Thanks to Dr. Henry Spinelli’s expertise, he was able to remove the hook through Rivero's mouth and she is now expected to make a full recovery.

You can find some disturbing pictures after the jump. I find them too disturbing to post here. They are also not seen in the video above.

Image Gallery: Fox News
Video: LiveLeak
Source: Wcbstv
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