BMW Owner Finds Animals Living In Her Engine

A Cape Hyrax in the wildA car-owner in the South African capital Johannesburg was driven to desperation when she found a family of Cape Hyrax, small animals that resemble guinea pigs, living in the engine of her BMW. She drove and dumped the vehicle at a dealership on the other side of town.

"When we opened the bonnet the dassies were running about the engine and chassis plate, under the engine and inside the bumpers of the car," Dominic Moss , collection manager at the zoo, said.

"Dassies can get quite big, the size of a cat. If you can imagine having six cats in your engine," added Moss.

The animal expert believed the dassies had chosen the BMW as their new home because its space and warmth made them think they were in the "rocks" somewhere.

Judging by the amount of dung found in the car, the dassies had obviously been around for a while, he added, after the car engine had been stripped down to get at the little creatures.

"They were covered in grease and had fanbelt burns... some were badly injured," Moss said.

Source: Afp
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