Faithful Dog Does the Laundry, Tidies Up and Brings Shopping Home

Connie helps tidy the house, does the washing and brings home the shopping. And the only payment she requires is a nice big bowl of dog food at dinner time.

When Mrs Carter was struck down with crippling arthritis in her back, she found herself unable to perform simple household tasks. But she used her skills as an animal behaviourist to teach Connie how to do the work instead.

The two-year-old animal picks out items of dirty clothing from the laundry basket and places them inside the washing machine.

Once it is full, she places a detergent ball on top of the clothes before reaching up and turning on the machine with her paw. When the washing cycle is over, Connie squeezes her head through the door of the frame and transfers the clean clothes to the tumble dryer.

When Mrs Carter is short of essentials, she phones up the local shop with her requirements and sends Connie along to pick them up.

And when she leaves anything lying around the house, Connie knows exactly where it came from and return it to its rightful home.

Carter said “Connie can do a lot - she can even unties my shoelaces for me if I ask her. She is a brilliant help around the home - and really enjoys it too. She is a big dog - but she is so gentle.”

Source: DailyMail
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