Man Slept In the Same Bedroom All His Life

Douglas Mathews standing in front of his houseHome-loving Douglas Mathews has celebrated his 100th birthday – and has slept in the same bedroom all his life.

Retired farmer Douglas was delivered there by a doctor on January 5, 1908.

And he has never moved from the four-bedroom farmhouse’s master room, using it as a child and sharing it with wife Mabel after they wed in 1934 – the year he took over the 250-acre farm.

She died in 1996. Now, after several changes of bed, furniture and decor, Douglas is the room’s only original fixture.

The father of two, of Staverton, Devon, said: “I stayed in the same room because it’s the best one. There have been changes over the years but I’ve never needed to move.

“And at my age I’ve no intention of changing bedrooms now.” Daughter Susan, 65, said: “He always says the only way he’ll leave is in a box.”

Source: The Sun
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