More links for 15 Jan 2008

How Alcides Moreno survived a 47 storey fall. [News Week]
Beautiful pictures of China's Ice and Snow World 2007. [RToddKing via Boing Boing]
A fast moving sand storm recorded in Khartoum, Sudan. [LiveLeak]
Do these pups look like 'Knut the cute'? [Cnn]
Brain scan tests fail to support validity of ESP. [Boston]
Furniture that starts out entirely as sheets of wood, metal or even cardboard. [Web Urbanist]
A scientist at Rice University has created the darkest material known to man, a carpet of carbon nanotubes that reflects only 0.045 percent of all light shined upon it. [Chron]
A new device implanted in the arm is helping stroke victims regain movement in their hands. [DailyMail]
Genetic study blames Christopher Columbus for bringing syphilis to Europe. [Nature]
Sri Lankan man spends 50 years in prison without trial but did not complain about his long-running detention because he was ignorant of the law. [Yahoo News]