Dog Survived For Months in the Woods with Broken Legs

Arie and Jackie holding their dog BearArie and Jackie Levering had almost given Bear up for dead.

No one could have known that the two-year-old dog had survived 2½ months in the woods with broken back legs and a crushed pelvis.

And when he dragged himself out of the forest, Bear had dropped to about a third of his usual 36 kilograms.

The black Lab mix went missing Nov. 11, during the first snowstorm of the season, after he and the Leverings’ other dog, Noah, escaped from their pen and ran off down the road.

Several hours later, Noah returned without Bear. "We spent the evening looking for him but couldn’t find him," said Mrs. Levering, 69.

Over the next 10 weeks, the couple spent many sleepless nights, she said. "We missed him so much.

"And one day, the dog shows up," said Mrs. Levering, who, with her husband, owns 15 cats and several rabbits.

Source: Chronicle Herald
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