Pinhole Glasses

This eyewear (pinhole glasses) is not for the disabled. Rather, it is used for vision improvement with no side-effects.

To use, simply wear it like a normal pair of glasses as often as you can. The only exception to this is while driving or doing any outdoor activities since it restricts peripheral vision. The benefits as quoted from the Vision Therapy Eyewear - F.A.Q are as follows

  • It helps relief strain and stress caused by prescription glasses, and yet enabling clearer vision.
  • Promotes an important vision habit to perfect vision – central vision, since you can see clearly only straight ahead centrally.
  • Trains your mind, eyes and muscles to see without dependence
    on your prescription eye crutches.

It is easy to make one yourself too. Just get a piece of black paper (the thicker the better) and poke holes in it using a mechanical pencil. The holes should be approximately 5 millimeter apart from each other. Start with 5 holes, forming a centralized star-shaped pattern for each eye. Note that there is no limit to the number of holes and you can have as many as you wish.

Trim to size and attach it securely to a redundant spectacle frame (with both lens discarded). Alternatively, 2 rubber-bands can be used in place of the frame. Here is your very own pair of handmade pinhole glasses with no cost attached.

Image: Spluch
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