The Envelope Collective - Postal art

An example from The Envelope Collective.The Envelope Collective collects decorated envelopes from all over the world and makes use of its website as an online gallery for the received pieces. So, the next time you opened your mail, don’t throw the envelope away. Rather, create some art on it and post it to them for the whole wide world to see.

As an interesting note, The Envelope Collective has this to say regarding the remark, “You totally stole this idea from PostSecret”:

While we appreciate the comparisons to PostSecret, we actually didn't take Mr. Warren's equally fantastic idea. The only thing we have in common with it is that we receive mail and put it online. Oh, and Garrett and Frank Warren are from the same area in Maryland. But other than that, no similarities. So, to sum it up: PostSecret = much more popular than Envelope Collective, but different.

Link & Image: The Envelope Collective via Drawn
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