Chocolate Goodies!

Chocolate cookiesThis will probably come as a surprise to you but the box of "sushi" that you see on top is actually a box of crisp rice cookies made of chocolate instead of raw fish, vinegar and rice. Each piece is made by hand with meticulous attention paid to details. Whether you are a chocolate or sushi lover or even both, you should try one out! A great gift too if you would like to surprise someone.

Chocolate beer.If you would prefer a chocolate drink, why not try out the Chocolate beer from Anheuser-Busch Cos."Michelob Celebrate Chocolate complements a variety of desserts such as raspberry crème brûlée or when poured over vanilla bean ice cream with a cara-mel swirl, " said Kristi Zantop, brewmaster, as she whirled the dark lager in its pear-shaped goblet. "It would be an ideal match for pecan pie."

Brewed with caramel and roasted malts and matured on cocoa beans, the chocolate beer looks like liquid dark chocolate with a creamy latte-colored foam. It doesn't taste like conventional beer, nor is it syrupy sweet like a liqueur.

"It's not candy-like," Zantop said. And while the chocolate brew is 8.5 percent alcohol by volume, which is higher than a regular Budweiser at 5 percent, it doesn't have the high alcoholic notes found in a brandy at 40 percent alcohol.

A chocolate lover should definitely try out these fantasic products, and they would be perfect as a Christmas gift for that special someone!

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