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Animal Sculptures

Metal SculptureThese animal sculptures made using various found metal objects like old watches, sprockets, nuts and bolts were created by Joe Pogan. According to him, the stranger the piece of metal, the better, since the end goal is an eye-catching, fascinating amalgamation of metal with odd nooks and crannies which one can explore for hours.

More images after the jump.

Metal Sculpture
Metal Sculpture
Metal Sculpture
Image Gallery: Joe Pogan
Source: Joe Pogan via Presurfer
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I'm fortunate enough to own one of Joe's small birds, and it has pride of place on my worktable! I found it inspiring enough that I got up the courage to ask Joe to let me post an artist profile on him. Anyone who wants to read it can find it here:
Joe's profile

A friend of mine used to make cool looking fish out of scrap metal too. He called it scrapture.

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