High speed car chase

A static image from High Speed ChaseHigh Speed Chase is a game where the objective is to take out the car which you are assigned to while minimizing the amount of time taken and damage to your car. There are altogether 3 targets which you need to take out, each spaced at approximately 5km apart. You can bump into and destroy as many cars as you want for fun. But doing so will decrease your score as your car takes damage. Nevertheless, it is still fun watching other cars explode. Hit the jump to start playing. My highest score was 62,000. What’s yours?

Link: Johnny Two Shoes via Totally Crap
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van sales said…
I found this game not long time ago. I like it very much, but I'm new, and after practicing I'll say you my score.
Spluch said…
You should be able to beat my score easily by driving on the side of the road with opposing traffic... but it do is kind of hard.