A little boy with half a skull

Tom TruemanLike any three-year-old, Tom Trueman is constantly at risk of taking a tumble.
But in his case every fall could prove fatal - which is why he wears a safety helmet every waking moment.

Tom, who has already had ten operations, had half of his skull removed after a hospital infection attacked most of the bones in his head.

He has astounded doctors with his progress since but, as his ever watchful parents know, a knock from a fall or a glancing blow from a stray football could cause permanent brain damage or prove fatal.

That is where the cushioned helmet, made from shock-absorbing foam, comes in. It reduces the risk of brain damage by 90 per cent, despite weighing less than a bag of sugar. Without it, Tom would have only skin and his fine blond hair to protect him.

Tom Trueman
Tom was born with Apert's Syndrome, a genetic condition which affects one in 65,000 babies and stops bones developing normally.

He will be wearing the helmet for at least another year before doctors can assess the level of growth in his skull.

Whatever happens, he is almost certain to need a series of operations to reconstruct his head until he stops growing in his late teens.

Link & Image: DailyMail
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