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An unusual relationship between birds and fishes

Black swan feeding goldfishA local security guard recently discovered a peculiar scene where black swans can be seen feeding goldfish near the shore of a lake located in Hangzhou, China. According to the guard, 9 black swans will climb onto a raft and start feeding the goldfish with their beaks at 10am every morning. The goldfish can always be seen following the swans closely after that. Locals were astonished to find such an affectionate tie existing between the two creatures.

Link & Image: Zjol
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Awww..so sweet!

When will you idiots realize that the birds are moistening their food before swallowing and fish are eating what falls away. Animals can't think.

While he has a point on the possibility of it being a coincidence of feeding behavior, claiming "Animals can't think" is so dazzlingly ignorant of scientific research as to make me think he pulled that idea directly from his own ass.

Human are Animals.

Humans can think
+ Humans are Animals
= Animals can think

Humans can't think.

Hey, #2, and you can think? Ooooohhhh! how amaaaaazing intelliiiigent humaaaaan, the king of creation!!

Human are RATIONAL animals. Birds are not.

Photoshopped. This is poorly photosopped,too. I could do better than this person did. Geez.(You can tell that whoever photoshopped this image used the clone stamp for the goldfish, and added some brush techniques to make the water appear to be foaming.) This image is false. Quit arguing about wether animals are intelligent or not. It's obvious that if they weren't intelligent they would constantly be at war with each other, like humans.

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