More links for Oct 20 2007

A meal at a fast food restaurant could expose children to "staggeringly" high levels of salt, a survey has suggested. [BBC]
One person is dead and two people were injured after a small aircraft that took off from Vancouver International Airport Friday afternoon crashed into the 9th floor of an apartment building on a busy street in Richmond, B.C. [Cbc]
Top 15 manipulated photographs. [Listverse]
Transcontinental driving record claimed to be broken. [Fox News]
If I described to you a meat that was low in fat, delicate in flavour and hugely versatile, would you be interested? [Guardian]
Top 15 most famous ghost pictures. [Knbc]
The 5 creepiest urban legends that happen to be true. [Cracked]
New Canadian research suggests that sexsomnia -- the recently discovered phenomenon of people who have sex while fast asleep -- is more widespread than expected, and includes a wide assortment of people. [National Post]