Say Goodbye to Parallel Parking

Nissan Pivo 2Japan's Nissan Motor Co. on Friday unveiled a new version of its egg-shaped Pivo concept car that can drive sideways and has a small robot to assist with navigation or calm down angry drivers.

The Pivo 2 three-seater electric car has wheels that can turn 90 degrees for easy parallel parking.

Like its predecessor, which was unveiled two years ago, the new Pivo has a cabin able to revolve 360 degrees, eliminating the need to reverse.

A round-eyed robot head sitting on the dashboard has cameras that can tell when a driver is getting sleepy.

"You look tired. There's a coffee shop 500 metres ahead on the left," it told a driver with drooping eyelids during a recent demonstration.

It can also nod or shake its head, helping to improve the mood of irate or glum drivers.

The Pivo 2 will be exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show near the capital from October 27.

Video: YouTube
Source: Yahoo News via Autoblog
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