Hunter Becomes Hunted: Illegal Poacher Mauled By Endangered Bear

Bear attackFor those trying to trap a bear, here are some golden rules.

One: Don't fall into your own bear-pit.

Two: If you do fall into your own pit, make sure the bear is not around.

Three: If first two rules have been broken, hope your comrades don't run away.

Clearly no one told Makhan Khan and his fellow hunters as they tried to drive an Asiatic black bear into a prepared pit by waving sticks and a blazing torch.

As these amazing pictures show, the bear, which had wandered too close to the village of Gassoo, in Kashmir, has other ideas.

It rounds on the men, who flee in terror. In the panic, Mr Khan is half swallowed in the camouflaged pit and the advancing animal swats aside his flailing stick.

As his comrades make good their escape, the bear grabs Mr Khan's head. Screaming, he drops further into the pit until only the top of his head and hands remain visible.

The bear, losing interest, ambles away.

Bear attack
Mr Khan suffered multiple injuries but survived - which is more than the hunters had planned for the bear.

Had they been successful, it would have been killed for its pelt and meat.

An agency photographer captured Mr Khan's plight while on assignment to highlight the illegal hunting of bears in Kashmir.

Source: DailyMail
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Anonymous said…
Hahaha, that's really funny! Because he was trying to kill the bear for no good reason and the bear really badly hurt him! And now he's in a lot of pain and the bear is happy and alive! Very very funny! Makes me happy! Go bear!
Spluch said…
That will teach him a lesson for hunting bears illegally! :)