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Warped Art: Designer Transforms Vinyl Records

For Luka Vucic vinyl records are an iconic symbol of his parents' generation. But Luka, 25, has found a novel way to breathe new life into vinyl golden oldies by converting them into stylish household interiors.

Each Sunday, Luka visits the Hrelic flea market in the Croatian capital of Zagreb to hunt through piles of old clothes, books, tableware and defective appliances in search of old vinyl. Records are selected according to the design of the label and Luka's personal music preferences.

Back in his room the vinyl is placed over a mould and warped into shape using a robust old hairdryer. The end result is a collection of fruit bowls, flower pots, lamps and magazine racks.

He makes use of the old sleeves too, by transforming them into gift boxes.

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Source: Msn
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For Pete's sake, I did this 50 years ago, making a "lovely" hang-on-the-wall Mother's Day vase in Campfire Girls. We dipped the records in boiling water since handheld hair dryers hadn't been invented yet!

Wow! '50 years ago', didn't expect that!

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