WWII Plane Washes Up In Wales after 65 Years

WWII PlaneSixty five years after it crash-landed on a beach in Wales, an American P-38 fighter plane has emerged from the surf and sand where it lay buried - a World War II relic long forgotten by the US government and unknown to the British public.

The Lockheed "Lightning" fighter, with its distinctive twin-boom design, has suddenly reappeared due to unusual conditions which caused the sands to shift and erode.

It was first spotted by a family enjoying a day at the beach on July 31 and a team of US specialists were informed and flew over to survey the site.

Since the survey in October, the sands have again buried the plane and "whether and when it will reappear is anybody's guess."

Based on its serial number and other records, "the fighter is arguably the oldest P-38 in existence, and the oldest surviving 8th Air Force combat aircraft of any type. In that respect it's a major find, of exceptional interest to British and American aviation historians," Mr Gillespie said.

Source: Telegraph
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