Hail the Size of Tennis Balls Pummels Sydney

Tennis ball sized hailHail stones the size of tennis balls pummelled Sydney yesterday afternoon as a violent thunderstorm swept across the city's western and northern suburbs, injuring at least 30 people.

The Rooty Hill culdesac safety manager Frank Micallef said five car windscreens were "smashed" today as hail stones up to 8cm in diameter fell non-stop for more than 20 minutes.

"My car has got more hits than Elvis," Mr Micallef told ninemsn. "[The hail storm] was so loud, my wife and I couldn't hear the TV. We couldn't even talk to each other."

Mr Micallef said thunder and heavy rain hit about 3.30pm, and then came the deluge of hail.

"It went really dark," he said. "As quick as it came, was as quick as it went."

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Source: Ninemsn
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