Man Without Legs Harnesses Public Gaze

Kevin ConnollyKevin Connolly, 22, was born without legs, but there's nothing helpless about him. He often travels by balancing his torso on a skateboard, and moving expertly through the streets of the cities he visits.

He rejected the prosthetic legs with which he was fitted when he was young, because they were uncomfortable and made it difficult for him to move freely. Instead, he wears what he calls a "boot" to cover his lower body. It is a rounded device that fits perfectly around his lower torso and protects it as he moves.

Connolly who studies film and photography at Montana State University said he started taking unique photos in Vienna, when people's curiosity and sad stares got on his nerves.

“I finally got sick of it,” he said, and decided to stare back through his camera lens. He was surprised when the resulting photos looked cool.

From the skateboard, he has taken more than 32,000 photos of the stares he attracts. Some are displayed on an Internet site, They are riveting, sometimes humorous, examples of human nature in different cultures, where, with each stare, people also form quick and even fanciful interpretations of who Connolly is, and why.

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Source: Abc & Bozeman Daily Chronicle
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