More links for 2 Jan 2008

The 15-year-old girl who only eats chips. [DailyMail]
Boy, 8, hailed a hero after using SatNav to direct ambulance to his comatose father. [This Is London]
Is that a UFO, seagull, or photoshopped picture? You decide! [The Sun]
100 things you didn't know last year. [BBC]
Family sees Virgin Mary on living room wall. With video! [Wmtw]
A photograph of frozen flowers. [Flickr]
Researchers have discovered a new fast-acting antidote to cyanide poisoning. [ScienceDaily]
Can fear be forgotten? [Popular Science]
Victim of false rape claim must pay £12,500 ($25,000) for bed and board in jail. [DailyMail]
World Cup for the blind. [Reuters]
World's largest salt flats. [Reuters]
A six-year-old boy is hoping to break his own world record by "limbo skating" under 100 parked cars. [Telegraph]
Couch potato contest beings in New York City. [Yahoo News]

Geek wedding montage. [YouTube]