Fishermen Survive Months Adrift At Sea

Three fishermen from Burma who claim to have spent nearly three months at sea in a raft have been rescued off the east Indian coast.

The men said they set sail from their country on November 11 and that their boat was destroyed in a cyclone.

Police officer Siba Sankar Mohapatra said local fishermen spotted the trio drifting aimlessly near the resort town of Gopalpur in a bamboo raft.

"They lived on turtles and fish after they were separated from three other groups in the sea," Mr Mohapatra said after questioning the trio.

Cyclone Sidr smashed into the coast of southern Bangladesh on November 15 with 155 mph winds that whipped up a 16-foot tidal surge.

At least 3,000 people died in Bangladesh under its impact.

Source: Itn
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