Pepsi Nex Game

Have you ever wanted to smash a wall because you are so angry or perhaps you are under great stress? Unless you are Jugglenaut as in X-Men, you won't be able to do that! Well, the next best thing is to play Nex Game online.

In this game, you control a character in breaking ice walls by clicking at the right moment.

Check out the funny hand gestures made by the character whenever an ice wall is broken. The sound effects are just super. Remember to crank up the volume of the speakers!

Note that the image link will take you to the Pepsi Japan website which is mostly in Japanese. However, the link to the game can be easily located near the top right hand corner.

Link: Please click on the image above
Image: Pepsi Japan
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Kelvin said…
Hello from a blogger down under in New Zealand. I was searching the blog world when your blog popped up. You have a lot of interesting posts to read. I'll be back.......
Spluch said…
Glad you like it. Thanks for the comments too. ^_^