Cute crying angels

Why are babies so cute even when they are crying? Personally, I find that the following description from Indian Child seems to answer it all.

Cute baby pictures make some of the most attractive pictures on earth. Cute, cuddly and picture perfect – hardly anyone can claim to look at this small angel and not melt at once!

Not only does everyone want to feed them, hold them and take care of them, but when youngsters watch babies or wonderfully cute pictures or posters of babies, they also yearn to have some of their own.

Of course, part of a baby’s charm is that it is innocent and wholesome. There is no prejudice or hatred or fear in a baby’s heart, nor does the child make value judgments. No one can possibly find a more accepting or complete person than a baby.

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Anonymous said…
Hey I know this series of artwork! The photographer is a lady who's been widely criticised. She deliberately made the kids cry in order to take these photographs. How she did it was to literally give the child candy and then take it away.

She defended herself by saying that the photographs had all been touched up so that the kids look more upset than they actually were. And one of them was her own child.
Spluch said…
Thanks for the information, Veron! What the photographer did was wrong, although she didn't do much harm to the kids.I guess she just wanted to be famous.
Anonymous said…
I find all this extremely bizzare. It is disturbing, not cute. And it also is annoying, cause I can almost hear them crying.
Anonymous said…
As an artist - I don't mind twisted and disturbing at all...

- except for this. The armchair psychology rationalizing this must be fascinating indeed.... wow.
CharitiTheou said…
Three words to ponder:

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