Folding Bikes

Folding BikeFor those who are having a headache to squeeze your bike in the car trunk for that long awaited biking trip, the folding bike is your savior of the day. Compact and designed to fit into your car trunk, they come in various forms and designs, with price ranging from frugal to near-car prices.

Bicycle commuting rocks. It's healthy, safe, fast, cheap and the only emission is what the biker breathes out. But it does have it's problems. One is that bikes generally have a very awkward shape. If there is no bike rack, or if you want to go somewhere with your bike, you're reduced to lugging a very cumbersome package around with you.

Well what if there was a bike you could fit in your trunk, that was the size of a briefcase, or that you could take on the subway. That sure would be nice.

Thus, the concept of the folding bike. You might be surprised to learn that there are actually quite a lot of these guys out there. They range from the practical to the nonsensical and from frugal to near-car prices.

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Link & Image: EcoGeek
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The niche filled by folding bikes is convenience; folders are easier to store and transport. As a result, having a folder increases the opportunities to ride because you can take a folding bike along in situations that would be difficult or impossible with a standard size bicycle.

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