Hello Kitty Digicam - DC571

Tink Pink X Hello Kitty DC571KFE Japan Co., a leading Japanese manufacturer has just unveiled a new Hello Kitty digital camera, the “Tink Pink X Hello Kitty DC571”. The lens cover itself is decorated with a Hello Kitty logo. It sports a 1/2.5 CMOS sensor with an effective pixel of 5 million, 2.4-inch LCD, 32MB of built-in memory, an SD card slot and USB 2.0. Powered by 2 alkaline batteries, it allows for up to 120 consecutive shots. In addition, it allows for 640×480/20 fps or 320x240/22 fps video recording and comes with a gaming mode as well. Its dimension is 87 x 29 x 58 mm (width x depth x height) and weighs about 90 grams. Each of these cameras is priced at approximately 25,000 yen (US $217). This is a great improvement over its previous DC500 model. Just in time for Christmas.

Tink Pink X Hello Kitty DC571Link & Image: Exemode
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Anonymous said…
how do you buy this and where is the payment options and stuff?
Spluch said…
I did a search and found it on eBay. You can get it there. Here's the link .