“Edible” famous faces

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - consider the chip. Humble in origin, infinite in range and endlessly adaptable, the chip has officially been with us since 1858.

To spice things up a little for the British National Chip Week 2007, “edible” famous faces have been specially prepared – all made from fries and other natural ingredients!

The Scottish love of deep-fried food is reflected in this portrait of poet and national hero Robert Burns.

More faces after the jump.

Queen Elizabeth  It is not the first time well known faces have been recreated with food.The Queen looks ravishing as a basil and onion pizza.

CamillaCamilla Parker-Bowles country roots are well represented here. A 'Highgrove Hottie' pizza perhaps?

David Beckham It is a galaxy of delights for David Beckham. With his move to LA he can afford garlic bread on the side as well!

Wayne RooneyIt's a striking image of Wayne Rooney for this pizza.

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Pepperoony brilliant!