Spock’s Spacesuit on eBay

Spock's SpacesuitIf you are a Star Trek fan, here's a good piece of news - Star Trek I: The Motion Picture “Spock” spacesuit is open for bid on eBay.
This authentic spacesuit was featured prominently in Star Trek I: The Motion Picture when “Spock” (Leonard Nimoy) left the “Enterprise” to conduct a mindmeld with the ‘V’Ger Probe’. Made from brown, orange, and white materials with insets of plastic and metal accents, this costume features an astonishing array of ribbed details at the knees, elbows, and around the chest and waist.

Due to time and storage conditions the costume features a degree of wear as some of the orange of the exterior has bled into the white of the interior and internal padding has collected at the ankles and cuffs, yet the costume retains its overall intact appearance. The costume comes complete with a pair of gloves, a collar that Velcro’s into place around the neck and on the shoulders, and a pair of spats that clasp onto the legs of the jumpsuit.

Link & Image: eBay via Random Good Stuff
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