Tired of G-string? How about the new C-string?

C-stringDesigners LoveHoney have come up with the C-string - a bikini G-string without the straps. Wires help it grip on, getting rid of VPL and tan lines.

The C-string consists of the front part of a thong-style pair of knickers, held up with a little bit of wire at the back. The idea is that you pop it on, and it stays put. Think of an unevenly shaped wired headband, and you’re half-way there - the name derives from the C shape.

The manufacturers suggest that you wear it with outfits that might show a panty line, or even as swimwear so that you don’t get tan lines across your bottom.

It is selling at $30 a piece. Click on image for a larger view.

Hear what a woman who tried it out has to say after the jump.

Source: DailyMail & DailyRecord
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Anonymous said…
I first tried the C-string at the end of June and I must say that at first it did feel dreadfully insecure, so much so that I did not wear it outside of the house for a few days. Once I was confident that it was not going to fall off I started to wear it to work, under trousers at first and later under a skirt or dress. Now that I feel confident and comfortable wearing it I am happy to wear it anywhere and under anything.

Putting one on is not at all difficult, simply slip into place and adjust its position for comfort.

They may not be for the obese, but for those of us who are happy wearing thongs I can see no reason not to wear them. I have not tried swimming in one yet and I am not sure that I would in a public pool, but I would happily sunbathe in one if we ever get a summer.

I now have several C-strings in my underwear drawer and wear them as I would any other thong.
Spluch said…
Thanks for sharing your experience! :)